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Member since:


Emmy Greenwell

Primary Phone:

(808) 735-4505

Cell Phone:



4575 Aukai Ave

Honolulu, HI, 96816

Preferred Contact

TGCH Offices Held: 2nd Vice President 2003-04

TGCH Committee Chair:
Provisionals Co-Chair 2000-01 "Laulima" Chair 2001-02
Ways and Means 2002-03 Program 2003-04
Co-Chair GCH 75th Birthday Celebration 2004-05
Co-Chair Tours 2007 Admissions 2010-11
Flower Show Awards 2014-15; Flower Arranging 2006-07
Awards 2014-15

Admissions 2002-03; 2009-10 Flower Arranging 2002-03
Awards 2002-03 "Hula Moon" Fundraiser 1998-99
Flower Show 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015
- In charge of an auction which was held at the Pacific Club. The event was chaired by Sharon Fairbanks.
- I do recall chairing the committee for the flower show one year involving the mainland judges…..their hotel accommodations, transportation to the academy and other events, and creating events during and following the flower show

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