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President Gail Hutchinson
1st Vice President Lori Feldman
2nd Vice President Stephanie Johnson
Treasurer Kathy Hong
Asst. Treasurer Helena Barahal
Corresponding Secretary Leslie Turnbull
Recording Secretary Stacey Hee Hugh
Advisor Barbara Kulijs
Advisor Margaret Mortz
Advisor Dotty Nitta
Admissions Jean Myers
Awards Paulette Stone
Communication/Historian Rita Young Riggs and Victoria Hill
Conservation/NAL Sue Chouljian and  Kate Growney
Education/Scholarship Sarah Richards
Finance Kathy Hong
Floral Design Dotty Nitta and Paulette Wo
Garden History & Design Nancy Shaw and Gail Atwater
Horticulture Tanya Alston
Member Services Susu Markham
Nominating Lizzy Lowery
Parliamentarian Emmy Seymour
Photography Melissa Totherow  and Connie Carr
Project – Flower Show Phyllis Lee  and Janice Lau Fergus
Programs Lori Feldman and Stephanie Johnson
Provisionals Pat Wassel and Rhoda James
Stepping Stones Lori Eldridge and Barbara Kuliis
Visiting Gardens Glee Logsdon
WCCC Floral Design Jean Abbott
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